2020-09-12 Bernie InnocentiShow vidoes inline in directory view master sunjammer/master
2018-10-27 Bernie InnocentiMerge remote-tracking branch 'giskard/master' giskard/master
2018-10-27 Bernie InnocentiAdd meta viewport tag
2018-07-15 Bernie InnocentiMove edit url
2018-07-15 Bernie InnocentiAdd inline SVG images
2017-08-23 Bernie InnocentiAdd some common video extensions.
2015-04-18 Bernie InnocentiFix atom for autogenerated pages.
2015-04-18 Bernie InnocentiMerge remote-tracking branch 'giskard/master'
2015-04-18 Bernie InnocentiMake thumbnails a little wider
2015-04-18 Bernie InnocentiAutorotate image thumbnails.
2012-12-18 Bernie InnocentiUpdate gitweb
2012-05-04 Bernie InnocentiMove permalinks after titles
2011-10-15 Bernie InnocentiTell crawlers not to follow links to non-existing pages
2011-10-15 Bernie InnocentiChange openid urls
2011-10-15 Bernie InnocentiMove default text handling outside of get_raw_body()
2011-10-15 Bernie InnocentiHighlighting search words when coming from a search...
2011-10-15 Bernie InnocentiDo not allow caching generated pages, such as the page...
2011-01-12 Bernie InnocentiAdd .webm extension for <video>
2010-10-12 Bernie InnocentiSimplify url of editor page
2010-09-23 Bernie Innocentisimplify example apache config
2010-09-23 Bernie InnocentiSimplify URL configuration
2010-09-23 Bernie InnocentiAdd .webm video extension support
2010-05-16 Bernie InnocentiPrevent caching of content when wiki engine gets updated
2010-05-16 Bernie InnocentiAdd support for sorting glob results
2010-05-16 Bernie InnocentiAlso append page arguments to macro argument list.
2010-04-03 Bernie InnocentiQuote strings in git shell glue
2010-04-03 Bernie InnocentiInitial (nonworking) support for ATOM
2010-03-23 Bernie InnocentiDon't rely on MimeType to identify wiki pages
2010-03-23 Bernie InnocentiRemove useless 'Immutable Page' notice
2010-03-23 Bernie InnocentiUse wiki to format search pages (saves 12 lines)
2010-03-23 Bernie InnocentiFold send_page() into class Page
2010-03-23 Bernie InnocentiFix send_footer()
2010-03-23 Bernie InnocentiMerge commit 'giskard/master'
2010-03-22 Bernie InnocentiRefactoring: move send_footer() into Page()
2010-03-22 Bernie InnocentiAdd #navbar and #footer pragmas
2010-03-19 Bernie InnocentiMerge commit 'giskard/master'
2010-03-19 Bernie InnocentiSeparate images from subdirs in directory listing
2010-03-13 Bernie InnocentiMerge commit 'giskard/master'
2010-03-13 Bernie Innocentiallow spaces in filenames
2010-03-13 Bernie InnocentiRemove spurious slashes at end of page names
2009-11-24 Bernie InnocentiMerge commit 'giskard/master'
2009-11-24 Bernie InnocentiRemove language=JavaScript attribute obsoleted in html5
2009-11-24 Bernie InnocentiMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-11-24 Bernie InnocentiMove git extravaganza elsewhere
2009-11-24 Bernie InnocentiMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-11-24 Bernie InnocentiRemove ugly ternary expression
2009-11-20 Bernie InnocentiRemove legacy "``" syntax.
2009-11-20 Bernie InnocentiHTML5 fixes
2009-11-19 Bernie InnocentiAnchor all file extension regexes to end of string
2009-11-04 Bernie InnocentiMove to Sunjammer
2009-11-04 Bernie InnocentiUpdate license notice to AGPLv3
2009-09-22 Bernie InnocentiCheck for privileged access
2009-09-18 Bernie InnocentiFix typo
2009-09-11 Bernie InnocentiImplement numbered lists
2009-09-07 Bernie InnocentiDo not try to glob URLs and non glob strings
2009-08-29 Bernie InnocentiAllow retrieving the script path
2009-08-29 Bernie InnocentiDo not pass empty strings to os.makedirs()
2009-08-19 Bernie Innocenticlarify image_maxwidth in config
2009-08-19 Bernie InnocentiQuote key name for config_get()
2009-08-19 Bernie InnocentiMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-08-19 Bernie InnocentiFix inlining of other wiki pages
2009-08-19 Bernie InnocentiAdd useless git-bloat script
2009-08-19 Bernie InnocentiRemove warranty disclaimer. Sue me if you like.
2009-08-19 Bernie InnocentiNew git command naming in git-cat
2009-08-19 Bernie InnocentiMove macros into the wiki
2009-08-19 Bernie Innocentichdir into data_dir to simplify a few things
2009-08-18 Bernie InnocentiAllow glob matching on inline includes
2009-08-17 Bernie InnocentiFix TitleIndex macro
2009-08-17 Bernie InnocentiBe less technical regarding missing HTML5 video support
2009-08-17 Bernie InnocentiImplement page editor ad a wiki page
2009-08-17 Bernie InnocentiFix yet another typo in macro arguments
2009-08-17 Bernie InnocentiFix maxwidth handling
2009-08-17 Bernie InnocentiFix all macro arguments (need * and **)
2009-08-17 Bernie InnocentiRename variable re to avoid clash with module name
2009-08-17 Bernie Innocentiuse config_get() for privileged_url too
2009-08-17 Bernie InnocentiUpdate all macros to take 2 arguments (args, kvargs)
2009-08-17 Bernie InnocentiRemove obsolete config vars
2009-08-17 Bernie InnocentiUse config_get() to access configuration values
2009-08-17 Bernie InnocentiImplement variable substitution in includes
2009-08-15 Bernie InnocentiAdd gitweb config for gravatars, disabled for now
2009-08-15 Bernie InnocentiNicer format for human readable datestamp
2009-08-15 Bernie InnocentiSend Last-Modified HTTP header
2009-08-14 Bernie InnocentiImport latest gitweb
2009-08-14 Bernie InnocentiMove cc-by-sa.png to sys/
2009-08-03 Bernie InnocentiAdd strike through and glyph substitution
2009-08-03 Bernie InnocentiStrip leading slashes in directory headers
2009-07-31 Bernie Innocentigit-add -> git add
2009-07-31 Bernie InnocentiSwitch site_icon to favicon in sys/
2009-07-27 Bernie InnocentiFix directory creation
2009-07-27 Bernie InnocentiCreate interim dirs automatically
2009-07-27 Bernie InnocentiMoved in data/sys/
2009-05-05 Bernie InnocentiBump revision for 4.0 release v4.0
2009-05-02 Bernie InnocentiFactor out file extensions
2009-05-02 Bernie InnocentiFix edit link in empty pages.
2009-05-02 Bernie InnocentiFix editing and humanized links
2009-05-02 Bernie InnocentiSimplify filetype matching regexes
2009-05-02 Bernie InnocentiRestore compatibility with Python 2.5
2009-05-02 Bernie InnocentiMake macros non executable
2009-05-02 Bernie InnocentiFix corner cases of humanized links
2009-05-01 Bernie InnocentiSimplify link_tag()