2009-05-05 Bernie InnocentiBump revision for 4.0 release v4.0
2009-05-02 Bernie InnocentiFactor out file extensions
2009-05-02 Bernie InnocentiFix edit link in empty pages.
2009-05-02 Bernie InnocentiFix editing and humanized links
2009-05-02 Bernie InnocentiSimplify filetype matching regexes
2009-05-02 Bernie InnocentiRestore compatibility with Python 2.5
2009-05-02 Bernie InnocentiMake macros non executable
2009-05-02 Bernie InnocentiFix corner cases of humanized links
2009-05-01 Bernie InnocentiSimplify link_tag()
2009-05-01 Bernie InnocentiMerge branch 'master' of ssh://bernie@trinity.codewiz... giskard/python3
2009-05-01 Bernie InnocentiAllow specifying CSS class for thumbnails
2009-04-27 Bernie InnocentiEnable controls for videos
2009-04-25 Bernie InnocentiHumanize auto link tags
2009-04-25 Bernie InnocentiRework action dispatcher
2009-04-24 Bernie InnocentiGeneric argument parsing and formatting
2009-04-24 Bernie InnocentiRestore compatibility with Python 2.6
2009-04-11 Bernie InnocentiMerge branch 'master' of ssh://bernie@trinity.codewiz...
2009-04-11 Bernie InnocentiFixup a few errors in the HTML output
2009-04-11 Bernie InnocentiFix WordIndex and TitleIndex, improve HTML output
2009-04-08 Bernie InnocentiWe already have a better syntax for including pages
2009-04-08 Bernie InnocentiMove stuff in sys/ namespace
2009-04-08 Bernie InnocentiJust send GuruMeditation.js as an external file
2009-04-08 Bernie InnocentiAdd support for including wiki pages inline through...
2009-04-08 Bernie InnocentiBeautify post-edit hook error message
2009-04-08 Bernie InnocentiUse subprocess rather than os.popen
2009-04-08 Bernie InnocentiSimplify mimetype handling
2009-04-08 Bernie InnocentiFactor out code to generate inline links
2009-04-08 Bernie InnocentiOptionally use an icon for the home link
2009-04-08 Bernie InnocentiDisallow legacy syntax inside HTML blocks
2009-04-08 Bernie InnocentiFlag legacy wiki markup for styles as such
2009-04-08 Bernie InnocentiNew macros needed for wikized EditPage
2009-04-08 Bernie InnocentiAllow expanding wiki syntax within html tags
2009-04-08 Bernie InnocentiConvert wiki parser to verbose regexes
2009-04-08 Bernie InnocentiConsolidate legacy syntax rules
2009-04-08 Bernie InnocentiMove Guru Meditation javascript code outside
2009-04-08 Bernie InnocentiUse PNG for favicon
2009-04-08 Bernie InnocentiFold page existance logic into link_tag()
2009-03-30 Bernie InnocentiSupport HTML5 <video> element
2009-03-30 Bernie InnocentiMove gitweb data files right in the wiki
2009-03-29 Bernie InnocentiMove CSS inside wiki
2009-03-22 Bernie InnocentiUpgrade gitweb
2009-03-22 Bernie InnocentiStore license icon in wiki
2009-02-17 Bernie InnocentiUpgrade to latest gitweb
2008-12-15 Bernie InnocentiUTF-8 fixup for Python 3.0 python3 sunjammer/python3
2008-12-15 Bernie InnocentiMerge pylint/pychecker cleanups from branch master...
2008-12-15 Bernie InnocentiConverted macros to Python 3.0 with 2to3
2008-12-15 Bernie InnocentiManual Python 3.0 fixups
2008-12-15 Bernie InnocentiConverted to Python 3.0 by 2to3
2008-12-15 Bernie InnocentiFix a bunch of pylint warnings.
2008-12-15 Bernie InnocentiEnable tarballs in gitweb
2008-12-15 Bernie InnocentiFix pychecker warnings
2008-12-12 Bernie InnocentiUpdate to gitweb v3.0
2008-12-12 Bernie InnocentiSwitch OpenID delegate to Develer's LDAP enabled version
2008-12-11 Bernie InnocentiAdd a few more HTML pass-through tags; fix double newlines.
2008-12-11 Bernie InnocentiAllow specifying custom <meta> tags in HTML head
2008-12-11 Bernie InnocentiAllow <a> and <textarea> tags passthrough
2008-12-11 Bernie InnocentiEscape raw text sent as body to the textarea element...
2008-12-01 Bernie InnocentiDon't choke on non-existing macros
2008-12-01 Bernie InnocentiMerge branch 'master' of ssh://bernie@trinity.codewiz...
2008-12-01 Bernie InnocentiSECURITY: check filenames in editor
2008-11-30 Bernie InnocentiMerge branch 'master' of ssh://bernie@trinity.codewiz...
2008-11-30 Bernie InnocentiA change I did in Kathmandu and can't remember why...
2008-11-30 Bernie InnocentiReformateditor layout and add accesskeys
2008-11-30 Joel StanleySupport changelog message
2008-10-13 Bernie InnocentiAdd Artistic license tag for content
2008-10-13 Bernie InnocentiAdd avatar
2008-10-13 Bernie InnocentiSort directories
2008-09-03 BOFHFix #css pragma
2008-08-13 Bernie InnocentiBugfix hurl handling of image links
2008-08-13 Bernie InnocentiFix OpenID config
2008-08-13 Bernie InnocentiDon't die when getting attrs of a directory.
2008-08-10 Bernie InnocentiUse generic head links instead of ad-hoc mechanisms
2008-08-08 Bernie InnocentiDistinguish between immutable and protected pages
2008-08-08 Bernie InnocentiAdd favicon support
2008-08-06 Bernie InnocentiDrop old image embedding syntax.
2008-07-29 Bernie InnocentiImplement image scaling
2008-07-28 Bernie InnocentiImplement himg syntax
2008-07-28 Bernie InnocentiImplement directory listing
2008-07-28 Bernie InnocentiRename PageFormatter to WikiFormatter
2008-07-28 Bernie InnocentiRename PageFormatter::send_page() to PageFormatter...
2008-06-24 Bernie InnocentiAdd support for external macros
2008-06-02 Bernie InnocentiImplement Creole syntax for macros.
2008-06-02 Bernie InnocentiImplement <<macro>> syntax.
2008-06-02 Bernie InnocentiMerge branch 'master' of ssh://bernie@trinity.codewiz...
2008-06-02 Bernie InnocentiSimplify hurl regex
2008-06-02 Bernie InnocentiAlso accept numbers in WikiWords
2008-03-28 Bernardo InnocentiGive our navbar a more sober look.
2008-03-28 Bernardo InnocentiMerge branch 'master' of ssh://bernie@trinity.codewiz...
2008-03-28 Bernardo InnocentiMake permalinks more search engine friendly
2008-03-28 Bernardo InnocentiMake permalinks more search engine friendly
2008-03-28 Bernardo InnocentiFix a few XHTML validation errors
2008-03-27 Bernardo InnocentiReformat comments for consistency and to save a few...
2008-02-27 Bernardo InnocentiRemove title in navbar
2008-02-26 Bernardo InnocentiAdd eperimental git-cat idea
2008-02-12 Bernardo InnocentiUse abridged headings for anchors
2008-02-12 Bernardo InnocentiGet rid of obsolete apply()
2008-02-12 Bernardo InnocentiAdd upload support
2008-01-26 Bernardo InnocentiAdd automatic mimetype detection.
2008-01-17 Bernardo InnocentiAdd script to run pylint
2008-01-17 Bernardo InnocentiFirst pass of pylint warning removal