2021-11-01 Bernie InnocentiFix benchmarks for latest glium/glutin API master
2021-08-09 Bernie InnocentiUpdate to glium 0.30, glutin 0.27 and winit 0.25
2021-03-01 Bernie InnocentiUpdate to rust-rocket 0.7.2
2021-03-01 Bernie InnocentiSimulation time is now unaffected by events
2021-03-01 Bernie InnocentiFix a clippy warning about superfluous match references
2021-03-01 Bernie InnocentiImprove event handling
2021-01-08 Bernie InnocentiUpdate to glium 0.29, glutin 0.26, winit 0.24
2020-12-13 Bernie InnocentiUpdate to glium 0.28, glutin 0.25 and winit 0.23
2020-03-31 Bernie InnocentiMerge branch 'master' of
2020-03-31 Bernie InnocentiRemove deprecatd emscripten option ERROR_ON_MISSING_LIB...
2020-03-31 Bernie InnocentiReplace std::time with the wasm-compatible crate instant
2020-03-31 Bernie InnocentiUpdate to glium 0.27 and glutin 0.24
2020-03-29 Bernie InnocentiMove screenshotting code to its own module
2020-03-29 Bernie InnocentiRe-enable fullscreen toggling
2020-03-29 Bernie InnocentiRe-enable all keyboard shortcuts (except for fullscreen)
2020-02-21 Bernie InnocentiUpdate glium and glutin to latest stable releases
2020-01-21 Bernie InnocentiEliminate lifetime annotations in World and Text
2020-01-11 Bernie InnocentiCleanly separate rendering and event handling
2019-10-22 Bernie InnocentiUpdate to glium 0.25.1
2019-08-05 Bernie InnocentiUpdate to glium 0.23 and glutin 0.21
2019-01-24 Bernie InnocentiLog binary size in to help debug bloat
2018-12-27 Bernie InnocentiSwitch to Rusr 2018!
2018-12-27 Bernie InnocentiRun 'cargo fix --edition'
2018-12-27 Bernie InnocentiUpdate benches to latest glium display setup api
2018-12-27 Bernie InnocentiUpdate rust-rocket submodule
2018-12-27 Bernie InnocentiIndented with rustfmt 1.0
2018-12-27 Bernie InnocentiFix minor ES syntax issues in text.frag
2018-10-14 Bernie InnocentiSmall tweaks to debug build scripts
2018-10-14 Bernie Innocentiwasm: Enable backtraces in browser console
2018-10-14 Bernie InnocentiUpdate to image 0.20
2018-10-14 Bernie InnocentiUse GLSL 3.0 ES for all shaders
2018-09-29 Bernie InnocentiPort to glium 0.22 and clutin 0.18
2018-06-30 Bernie InnocentiAdd a .editorconfig file (4 spaces indentation)
2018-05-31 Bernie InnocentiTweak the wasm build scripts
2018-05-31 Bernie InnocentiUpdate deps: glium 0.21, glutin 0.14
2018-04-06 Bernie InnocentiUpdate to glium 0.20 + glutin 0.12
2017-12-20 Bernie InnocentiDon't request a GL context with sRGB enabled.
2017-12-18 Bernie InnocentiAttempt at enabling WebGL2 in wasm (not yet working).
2017-12-18 Bernie InnocentiCleanup unused imports.
2017-12-17 Bernie InnocentiUpdate wasm targets for emcc 1.37.22
2017-12-17 Bernie InnocentiUpdate to latest glutin, glium and image.
2017-09-29 Bernie InnocentiMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2017-09-29 Bernie InnocentiPort to glium 0.17 and glutin 0.9.
2017-09-09 Bernie InnocentiImprove asmjs build docs.
2017-07-23 Bernie InnocentiRemove the wavefront object loader for now...
2017-07-08 Bernie InnocentiRemove alpha from screenshots.
2017-07-08 Bernie InnocentiAdd screenshot.
2017-07-08 Bernie InnocentiPut text on the top faces of cubes.
2017-07-08 Bernie InnocentiLoad shaders to shaders/
2017-07-08 Bernie InnocentiDelete shaders in top-level directory.
2017-07-08 Bernie InnocentiPrevent global CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS from percolating...
2017-07-08 Bernie InnocentiMove text rendering shaders out of line.
2017-07-08 Bernie InnocentiMove shaders and textures into subdirectories.
2017-07-07 Bernie InnocentiTemporarily disable panic="abort".
2017-07-07 Bernie InnocentiDisable Rocket in the default build and update build...
2017-07-06 Bernie InnocentiMove editor code into Timer.
2017-07-06 Bernie InnocentiMove most timing-related code to new module
2017-07-02 Bernie InnocentiTweak release options to shrink the binary a bit.
2017-07-02 Bernie InnocentiLoad the c64 font as a raw bitmap without using the...
2017-07-02 Bernie InnocentiAdd rust-rocket optional dependency.
2017-06-29 Bernie InnocentiFix style warnings from clippy.
2017-06-27 Bernie InnocentiUpdate shaded_cube bench.
2017-06-26 Bernie InnocentiAdd build instructions for Windows.
2017-06-26 Bernie InnocentiDraw the cubes using flat shading and fewer vertexes.
2017-06-21 Bernie InnocentiSimplify SoundPlayer's hit_event().
2017-06-21 Bernie InnocentisRGB correction for C64 palette.
2017-06-21 Bernie InnocentiUse a regular float texture for the font.
2017-06-18 Bernie InnocentiAllow selecting text fg and bg colors.
2017-06-18 Bernie InnocentiIndex the font to pick any character.
2017-06-18 Bernie InnocentiRender text with a C64 font!
2017-06-12 Bernie InnocentiImplement fractal pulsing on music clap hit.
2017-06-11 Bernie InnocentiDetect instrument hits in music.
2017-06-11 Bernie InnocentiLight fading in the distance on the sea, add green...
2017-05-29 Bernie InnocentiDisable local repositories for glutin and glium.
2017-05-12 Bernie InnocentiMake the mandelwow corona fade slower.
2017-05-11 Bernie InnocentiRemove backtrace fork for emscripten.
2017-05-08 Bernie InnocentiMake the shaded_cube benchmark actually draw the cube...
2017-05-08 Bernie InnocentiAdd a benchmark for ShadedCube.
2017-05-08 Bernie InnocentiUse culling to draw sea of cubes.
2017-05-08 Bernie InnocentiAdd FPS counter.
2017-05-08 Bernie InnocentiRemove placeholder game loop code.
2017-05-07 Bernie InnocentiPrecompute perspective * projection for the cubes.
2017-05-07 Bernie InnocentiAsmjs doc fixes.
2017-05-07 Bernie InnocentiDelete some commented out code.
2017-05-07 Bernie InnocentiSimplify sea initialization.
2017-05-07 Bernie InnocentiBump version to 0.7.0. v0.7.0
2017-05-07 Bernie InnocentiAdd sea waves!
2017-05-07 Bernie InnocentiChange the light direction to nake the cubes less symme...
2017-05-07 Bernie InnocentiMake mouse camera movement smoother.
2017-05-06 Bernie InnocentiAdd a sea shaded cubes, just because. No big deal ...
2017-05-06 Bernie InnocentiBump version to 0.6.0 v0.6.0
2017-05-06 Bernie InnocentiAdd a simple benchmark for bounding_box
2017-05-06 Bernie InnocentiCreate mandelwow_lib.
2017-05-05 Bernie InnocentiConvert bounding_box to a struct.
2017-05-01 Bernie InnocentiRemove teapot
2017-05-01 Bernie InnocentiSome cleanups for wasm and asmjs
2017-04-23 Bernie InnocentiSame code now builds and runs both natively and as...
2017-04-22 Bernie InnocentiAdd music to emscripten port. emscripten
2017-04-22 Bernie InnocentiSwitch to WebGL 2.
2017-04-22 Bernie InnocentiImprove asmjs support, add wasm target.