rpm: assign a real shell to user monkeysphere
[monkeysphere.git] / .gitignore
2010-03-23 Daniel Kahn Gillmorcleaning up .gitignore
2009-03-24 Suno Anoremoved dummy comment to .gitignore again
2009-03-24 Suno Anoadded some dummy comment to .gitignore
2009-03-10 Daniel Kahn GillmorMerge commit 'jrollins/master'
2009-03-10 Jameson Graef RollinsMerge commit 'dkg/master'
2009-03-10 Matt GoinsMerge commit 'jrollins/master'
2009-03-07 Jameson Graef Rollinsfix the marginal ui output so that it's not prefixed...
2008-09-02 Daniel Kahn Gillmorgit-ignoring the reprepro-generated stuff.
2008-07-30 mike castlemanhave .gitignore ignore more stuff
2008-06-22 Daniel Kahn GillmorMerge commit 'mjgoins/master'
2008-06-20 Matt GoinsMerge branch 'master' of lair.fifthhorseman.net/~dkg...
2008-06-19 Micah AndersonMerge commit 'dkg/master'
2008-06-10 Jameson Graef RollinsNew client/server components:
2008-05-03 Jameson Graef RollinsMerge commit 'dkg/master'; commit 'enw/master'; commit...
2008-05-03 Jameson Graef RollinsMerge commit 'dkg/master'
2008-05-03 Daniel Kahn GillmorMerge commit 'mlcastle/master'
2008-05-03 Jamie McClellandMerge commit 'remotes/dkg/master'; commit 'remotes...
2008-04-21 Daniel Kahn Gillmorinitial pass at converting PEM-encoded private keys...
2008-04-14 mike castlemanMerge commit 'micah/master'
2008-04-09 Daniel Kahn Gillmorworking with subkeys: preparing to write a gnutls-based...
2008-03-09 Greg LyleMerge commit 'micah/master'
2008-02-10 Daniel Kahn Gillmorinitial import