GeekiGeeki is yet another fork of PikiWiki. Its most important feature is of course the GuruMeditation alerts :-). It can also use [[ | git]] or any other SCM as a versioning backend. Check the EditingTips to get an idea the supported wiki syntax. ==== Download ==== ===== Source repository ==== You can obtain the latest source snapshot through git: {{{ git-clone git-clone git:// }}} ==== Revision history ==== Browse it online with GitWeb: ==== Individual source files ==== * [[../wikidata/ |]] -- The CGI itself * [[../wikidata/ |]] -- Sample site config * [[../wikidata/geekigeeki.css | geekigeeki.css]] -- The stylesheet used at this site * [[../wikidata/ |]] -- Some glue to integrate with git * [[../wikidata/wiki_apache.conf | wiki_apache.conf]] -- Sample conf file for Apache ==== Installation ==== The easiest way is: * clone the git repository anywhere you like * edit **wiki_apache.conf** to adapt it to your system, and move or link it to your Apache configuration directory. * customize the wiki through * reload Apache ==== Contributing ==== Please send your patches! See the GeekiGeekiToDo list for ideas. Bugfixes and cute hacks welcome. BloatWare ''will'' be rejected: this is a minimalistic wiki, damn'it!