== Geeki Geeki, the Stupid Stupid Wiki Wiki == GeekiGeeki is a minimalistic wiki with a [[ | Git]] backend, a high features/complexity ratio and a very clean syntax. Check the EditingTips page for an idea the supported markup. For all your geeky wiki needs, GeekiGeeki is **the** stupid choice you can't avoid making! Tags: [[Tags/fast|fast]], [[Tags/stupid|stupid]], [[Tags/!bloated|!bloated]], [[Tags/h4x0r|h4x0r]] == Features == * S^3: Simple, Small, Stupid * Rich, clean markup syntax highly compatible with WikiCreole and MoinMoin * Git versioned storage backend * Interfaces with GitWeb for history browsing, RSS... * Consistent use of CSS for easy theming * HTML pass-through for powerful formatting * Pluggable macros * Page includes (templates with parameters coming) * Usable for blogging * Directory listing * [[Picture]] gallery * Easy to interface with other SCMs through a glue script * User accounts supported through HTTP basic auth done by web server * Per-page ACLs * Simple title and full text search * Easy CGI installation (no WSGI, mod_python, FCGI...) * Fast! * Only 800 LOCs! * Derived from PikiWiki, like MoinMoin * FreeSoftware and OpenSource, to please everybody * GuruMeditation alerts :-) == Download == ==== Releases ==== || 11-Dec-2008 || **v3.0** ||;h=v3.0;sf=tbz2 || || 23-Sep-2008 || **v2.0** ||;h=v2.0;sf=tbz2 || ==== Source ==== You can obtain the latest version -- actually ''any'' version -- through git: {{{ git clone git clone git:// }}} ===== Revision history ===== Browse it online with GitWeb: ===== Individual source files ===== * [[../wikidata/ |]] -- The CGI itself * [[../wikidata/ |]] -- Sample site config * [[../wikidata/geekigeeki.css | geekigeeki.css]] -- The stylesheet used at this site * [[../wikidata/ |]] -- Some glue to integrate with git * [[../wikidata/wiki_apache.conf | wiki_apache.conf]] -- Sample conf file for Apache == Installation == The easiest way is: * clone the git repository anywhere you like * edit **wiki_apache.conf** to adapt it to your system, and move or link it to your Apache configuration directory. * customize the wiki through * create a git repository for your wiki: {{{ mkdir data cd data git init --shared=group chgrp -R apache . }}} * reload Apache == Update procedure == If you cloned the repository as suggested, updating and downgrading is easy: {{{ git pull }}} to switch to a different version of GeekiGeeki: {{{ git checkout {tree-ish} }}} where '##{tree-ish}## could be a tag, a branch name, or a specific commit. == Contributing == Please send your patches! See the GeekiGeekiToDo list for ideas. Bugfixes and cute hacks welcome. BloatWare //will// be rejected: this is a minimalistic wiki, damn'it!