== Geeki Geeki, the Stupid Stupid Wiki Wiki == GeekiGeeki is a minimalistic wiki with a [[ | Git]] backend, a high features/complexity ratio and a clean syntax. Check the EditingTips page for an idea the supported markup.
For all your geeky wiki needs, GeekiGeeki is **the** stupid choice you can't avoid making!
Tags: [[Tags/fast|fast]], [[Tags/stupid|stupid]], [[Tags/!bloated|!bloated]], [[Tags/h4x0r|h4x0r]] [[Tags/cheapasincheapbeer|cheapasincheapbeer]] == Features == * S^3: Simple, Small, Stupid * Rich, clean markup syntax highly compatible with WikiCreole and MoinMoin * Git versioned storage backend * Interfaces with GitWeb for history browsing, RSS... * Consistent use of CSS for easy theming * HTML pass-through for powerful formatting * Pluggable macros * Page includes (templates with parameters coming) * Usable for blogging * Directory listing * [[Picture]] gallery * Easy to interface with other SCMs through a glue script * User accounts supported through HTTP basic auth done by web server * Per-page ACLs * Simple title and full text search * Easy CGI installation (no WSGI, mod_python, FCGI...) * Fast! * Only 800 LOCs! * Derived from PikiWiki, like MoinMoin * FreeSoftware and OpenSource, to please everybody * GuruMeditation alerts :-) == License == Geeki Geeki is Gratis Software as in Gratuitous Speech, not Cheap as in Cheap Beer. Consult your lawyer before using to check whether this is compatible with your current brand of beer. Naa! Geeki Geeki is really distributed under the [[|GNU General Public License]], version 3.0 or later. == Download == ==== Releases ==== || 11-Dec-2008 || **v3.0** ||;h=v3.0;sf=tbz2 || || 23-Sep-2008 || **v2.0** ||;h=v2.0;sf=tbz2 || ==== Source ==== You can obtain the latest version -- actually ''any'' version -- through git: {{{ git clone git clone git:// }}} ===== Revision history ===== Browse it online with GitWeb: ===== Individual source files ===== * [[../wikidata/ |]] -- The CGI itself * [[../wikidata/ |]] -- Sample site config * [[../wikidata/geekigeeki.css | geekigeeki.css]] -- The stylesheet used at this site * [[../wikidata/ |]] -- Some glue to integrate with git * [[../wikidata/wiki_apache.conf | wiki_apache.conf]] -- Sample conf file for Apache == Installation == The easiest way is: * clone the git repository anywhere you like * edit **wiki_apache.conf** to adapt it to your system, and move or link it to your Apache configuration directory. * customize the wiki through * create a git repository for your wiki: {{{ mkdir data cd data git init --shared=group chgrp -R apache . }}} * reload Apache == Update procedure == If you cloned the repository as suggested, updating and downgrading is easy: {{{ git pull }}} to switch to a different version of GeekiGeeki: {{{ git checkout {tree-ish} }}} where '##{tree-ish}## could be a tag, a branch name, or a specific commit. == Contributing == Please send your patches! See the GeekiGeekiToDo list for ideas. Bugfixes and cute hacks welcome. BloatWare //will// be rejected: this is a minimalistic wiki, damn'it!