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Bernie's brain backup for April 2008

Wed, 30th

Simply disgusted

Are we really selling kids to these people?


I took my distance from OLPC management (aka resigned), but I'm still fully committed to the olpc principles the way everybody but one person intends them.

Sat, 26th


Check out this heart breaking video made by our great sysadmin HenryHardy:

Also available on YouTube if you like proprietary web applications that prevent you and others from getting back what you have uploaded in its original full quality format:

Sun, 6th

Birthday party in London

I had a few idle days, so I headed to London. Actually, I drove there! London is just 4h30 away from Brussels, plus the ferry boat, for which I spent a lot of money because I showed up at the port without having booked a ticket in advance. Next time, I will know better.

I got hosted by Cristina, and on Sunday we had a birthday party a friend of hers: