2017-04-09 Bernie InnocentiImplement mouse panning and streamline keyboard movement.
2017-04-09 Bernie InnocentiShorten glutin symbols in camera.
2017-04-08 Bernie InnocentiAdd screenshot function (F10).
2017-04-08 Bernie InnocentiShrink release binary a bit.
2017-04-08 Bernie InnocentiMove GLSL shaders to external files and use include_str...
2017-04-08 Bernie InnocentiSplit bounding_box to its own module.
2017-04-08 Bernie InnocentiBump version to 0.4.0. v0.4.0
2017-04-08 Bernie InnocentiIgnore generated files.
2017-04-08 Bernie InnocentiAdd and LICENSE
2017-04-08 Bernie InnocentiMake music optional.
2017-04-08 Bernie InnocentiModularize a bit more: split mandelwow and cube to...
2017-04-08 Bernie InnocentiAdjust mandelwow z limits and make glow fade non-linear...
2017-04-08 Bernie InnocentiMove sound code to
2017-04-08 Bernie InnocentiMake A and D turn the camera left and right, respectively.
2017-04-08 Bernie InnocentiReformat.
2017-04-08 Bernie InnocentiPlay some music!
2017-04-08 Bernie InnocentiMerge branch 'master' of ssh://sunjammer.sugarlabs...
2017-04-08 Bernie InnocentiMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2017-04-08 Bernie InnocentiLoad a test XM module, does not yet play.
2017-04-08 Bernie InnocentiLoad a test XM module, does not play it yet.
2017-04-07 Bernie InnocentiAdd fullscreen.
2017-04-03 Bernie InnocentiBump version to 0.2.0. v0.2.0
2017-04-03 Bernie InnocentiAdd bounding box toggling with the B key.
2017-04-03 Bernie InnocentiCleanups.
2017-04-03 Bernie InnocentiFinish renaming project to Mandelwow.
2017-04-03 Bernie InnocentiLots of changes, first working version.
2017-03-19 Bernie InnocentiSplit Vec3.
2017-03-19 Bernie InnocentiInitial commit.