2021-08-09 Bernie InnocentiImprove docs. master
2021-08-09 Bernie InnocentiRename INSTALL to README.md
2017-02-02 Sugar Labs... Hush error output from ls when no monthly backups are...
2017-02-02 Sugar Labs... Fix monthly backups not being rotated.
2016-03-01 Bernie InnocentiDrop the arcfour cipher.
2015-05-17 Sugar Labs... Bump version to 3.0.
2015-05-17 Sugar Labs... Merge branch 'master' of ssh://codewiz.org/git/bernie...
2015-05-17 Sugar Labs... Introduce the notion of weekly and monthly snapshots.
2015-05-17 Sugar Labs... Small indentation changes.
2013-03-08 Bernie InnocentiReport errors
2013-03-08 Bernie InnocentiAdd config
2011-11-12 rootAdd installation instructions
2011-10-17 rootRun backups nicely
2011-10-11 Bernie InnocentiMake the EXCLUDES/ALWAYS file optional
2011-08-25 FSF BOFHLog the complete command line
2011-08-22 FSF BOFHTake backup destination as an argument
2011-08-18 FSF BOFHRead excludes from /backup directory
2011-07-26 FSF BOFHAbort on low disk space
2011-07-26 FSF BOFHCleanup tmp directory if cp -lR fails
2011-07-26 FSF BOFHUpdate copyright headers
2011-07-26 FSF BOFHCoalesce rsync options, plus misc cleanups
2011-07-25 Bernie InnocentiExclude tmp dir from pruning
2011-07-25 Bernie InnocentiSplit out init and prune stages from do_link()
2011-07-25 Bernie InnocentiInitial commit